Effective waste management measures

Green Gain is the UK distributor of Sensoneo™, an innovative system to improve waste collection efficiency and service quality. Contact our team for more details today!

About Sensoneo™

Sensoneo™ provides continuous real-time monitoring of fill levels in waste containers via ultrasound sensors. The information is transferred to a platform accessible through our specialist applications on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Using these apps, you are able to plan optimal collection rounds to maximise efficiency. The system delivers 15 – 30% in operational cost savings and provides robust data sets and trends to support initiatives around waste reduction and recycling. 

You can assess the commercial benefits of Sensoneo™ by renting the system to avoid full capital costs. We provide a range of support services including installation, training on the technology, troubleshooting, maintenance, battery replacement, data analysis and software upgrades. 
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Join the smart bin revolution for effective waste management in Yorkshire and across the UK with Sensoneo™ systems. Contact us at Green Gain on

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